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    We hope that on these pages you will find information and inspiration that will lead you to our beautiful and historic church in the scenic Saint Croix Valley of southeastern Minnesota.

    From our Pilgrim heritage to our involvement in contemporary issues of faith and action, ours is a rich story which we look forward to sharing with you.

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    The Baptist Pastors' Authorities of Youngstown organised a service to memorialize the life span and heritage of Dr. Martin Luther California king, Jr. on Friday night time. A large number of men and women filled the chapel on Himrod Method in Youngstown. Rev. Dr. Morris Shelter, the priest with the traditional Third Baptist Church along with a modern sports.youngstowntickets.net day with the martyred municipal legal rights leader, was the keynote loudspeaker. The 83-12 months-previous told 21 Reports he could be concerned about municipal issues nowadays. "It isn't just in a single party anywhere," siad Shelter. "We have long gone around eliminating people, chapels, Nevada. " The service, ready to accept every age group, highlighted music activities in the Vocal Shepherds. .

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